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17 - OUR Hopes 4 the Future - Hope

November 23, 2021 Great Teacher Steve Season 2 Episode 17
Our Little Philosophers
17 - OUR Hopes 4 the Future - Hope
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"I hope for equality and unity." - Melinah, 12 years old
Great Teacher Steve with Sophia, Melinah, Gabby, Anyah, Symone, Jordan, Zaria, Jaysen and Charli, Noah, Saraiya, Trey, Cemya

Song - To the Moon and Beyond
Artist: Gavin Luke
Album: To the Moon and Beyond
Released: 2019

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I have the dream that the world will all come together one day. Until then justice will never be done until someone gives it a meeting. My hope for the world would probably be for everyone to have equal rights. And for everyone to be treated the same and not really to have any violent incidents causing death towards people, right? Like with police brutality, I kind of want that to stop. Some people, they might have a kind of racist friend that makes a lot of racist jokes. You could just tell them that you're not comfortable with that and if they're not listening. Just stop being friends with them Don't give up. Don't stop protesting and don't stop fighting for what's right. And if he think it's right and just keep on going until you get justice and don't stop. What gives me hope in the future is all the young advocates that are under 21 now. And that is going to make the world better. What gives me hope from my social justice topic is just seeing people come together and standing up against inequality I would say People are trying to change it. And they're doing things that are helping and little by little and making the world a better place for people. When people are fighting back and they're telling people that they're not the stereotypical person that the other people think that they are. Stuff like that kind of brought up my spirit. It's good that the world is changing and they're taking a new path to kind of get that stuff done. Because it just shows all the power that they hold. My dream for Black Lives Matter is to become a well known advocate in my community. And I want to have a world where everybody's equal, everybody's on the same level and nobody's treated differently just because they don't look the same as someone else. If we have equality, then there won't be any more arguments about races. And I hope that that will happen in the future because then it will be more peaceful and we won't have to worry about people being hurt and injured for no reason. I hope for equality and unity. We're all a peaceful one person. But we're not all one, a person we're different people.