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13 - OUR inspirations - Hope

November 23, 2021 Great Teacher Steve Season 2 Episode 13
Our Little Philosophers
13 - OUR inspirations - Hope
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"My inspiration in my life is my dad" - Charli, 12 years old

Great Teacher Steve with Sophia, Melinah, Gabby, Anyah, Symone, Jordan, Zaria, Jaysen and Charli, Noah, Saraiya, Trey, Cemya

Song : Remainder
Artist: Jon E. Amber
Album: Softly, Gently
Released: 2011
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My inspiration in my life is my dad, because I usually spend the most time with him. He never got mad at me when I did something wrong. He just told me to try it again.


Someone who inspires me is my whole family, because they always try to get me to my best in learning and they're trying to help me learn more about space so I can become an astronaut when I grow up.


My inspiration and my heroes are my grandma and mom. My grandma was always there for me. She always understands me.


My inspiration in life is my grandmother because even though she passed away, she used to always tell me to keep trying and trying over and over again.