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6 - Discussing Tupac's "Keep Ya Head Up" - Hope

November 23, 2021 Great Teacher Steve Season 2 Episode 6
Our Little Philosophers
6 - Discussing Tupac's "Keep Ya Head Up" - Hope
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"That song connects to me because he wants you to keep your head up at the hardest times." - Symone, 12 years old

Great Teacher Steve with  Zaria, Cemyah, Jordan and Symone.

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This video contains a recording of Tupac's visit at the Marcus Garvey School in South Central, Los Angeles, in 1993.

Song: A Beautiful Crash
Artist: Daniel Kadawatha
Album: Through Changing Forms
Released: 2019

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[00:00:00] Zaria: ♪ Zaria is singing ♪

[00:00:12] ♪ Keep Ya head up - 2Pac ♪

[00:00:23] ♪ ... ♪ Oh that song is such a bomb!

[00:00:29] Great Teacher Steve: How does the song make you feel? 

[00:00:32] Zaria: It connects with me because 

[00:00:35] I have to keep my head up when I have doubt .

[00:00:39] Symone: That connects to me because he wants you 

[00:00:43] to keep your head up at the hardest times. 

[00:00:47] Cemyah: I think this connects with me because when 

[00:00:51] you keep your head up you can look forward. 

[00:00:55] Symone: It also can mean to maybe [00:01:00] help others too. 

[00:01:01] Jordan: Maybe the confidence, like, keep your head up.

[00:01:04] If you lose confidence, your head will go down. 

[00:01:08] Zaria: And it makes me feel proud because a man is 

[00:01:11] noticing a woman's worth. That they are really worthy. 

[00:01:17] That we should respect them.

[00:01:21] Jordan: Hardworking.

[00:01:25] Symone: It makes me feel happy because he's letting 

[00:01:28] other people know what, um, other genders go through. 

[00:01:35] Jordan: I think it makes him feel like he knows 

[00:01:39] how it feels when a father figure walks out of 

[00:01:43] their child's life just because they didn't want to 

[00:01:46] take care of a kid or step up as a father figure.

[00:01:51] It also can mean to like maybe help others too 

[00:01:59] 2Pac: ♪ 2Pac rapping ♪ Some [00:02:00] say the blacker the berry, 

[00:02:00] the sweeter the juice. I say the darker the flesh then 

[00:02:01] the deeper the roots I give a holler to my sisters 

[00:02:01] on welfare 2pac cares, if don't nobody else care.

[00:02:09] I know they like to beat ya down a lot When you 

[00:02:13] come around the block brothas clown a lot 

[00:02:15] But please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up 

[00:02:18] Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up 

[00:02:21] And when he tells you you ain't nuttin don't 

[00:02:23] believe him And if he can't learn to love you 

[00:02:25] you should leave him Cause sista you don't need him 

[00:02:28] And I ain't tryin to gas ya up, I just call em how I see em 

[00:02:31] You know what makes me unhappy? 

[00:02:33] When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy 

[00:02:37] And since we all came from a woman Got our name from a woman 

[00:02:39] and our game from a woman .

[00:02:42] I wonder why we take from our women 

[00:02:44] Why we rape our women, do we hate our 

[00:02:46] I think it's time to kill for our women 

[00:02:49] Time to heal our women, be real to our women

[00:02:52] And if we don't we'll have a race of babies 

[00:02:54] That will hate the ladies, that make the babies 

[00:02:57] And since a man can't make one 

[00:02:59] [00:03:00] He has no right to tell a woman 

[00:03:01] when and where to create one 

[00:03:03] So will the real men get up I know 

[00:03:06] you're fed up ladies, but keep your head up