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2 - We lost hope when... - Hope

November 23, 2021 Great Teacher Steve Season 2 Episode 2
Our Little Philosophers
2 - We lost hope when... - Hope
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"One time I lost hope when more police brutality was spreading around America." - Gabby

With Great Teacher Steve with Sophia, Melinah, Gabby, Anyah, Symone, Jordan, Zaria, Jaysen and Charli.

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Released: 2021

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Great Teacher Steve:

Is there a time when you lost hope?


I feel like there's many times I've lost hope in my past experiences. When my uncle got out of his coma, there was like a lot of things we had to do to be able to help him. And it was really difficult for us and sometimes it felt like kind of, we were giving up hope on that. Like, sometimes it feels like there wasn't really a point in doing it.


One time I lost hope was when the COVID pandemic started getting worse.


One time I lost hope when, more police brutality was spreading around America.


One time I have lost hope was when my grandmother had passed. It's because me and my grandmother, she used to always give me inspiration in the world. And always to keep my head up. And when she had passed I didn't have that person to be around anymore.


I lost hope when people are standing up for the wrong thing, because you tried to make people go for the right thing. But more people say that doing the wrong thing is better. So then you give up because it's only you.


I lost hope when people in my family have passed away.


I lost hope when police officers were not found guilty.


Stopping air pollution. It's kind of a lack of hope because there's a lot of air pollution and we can't fix it once we do it. And it makes me feel kind of sad because the Arctic is melting and there's nothing we can really do about it.


So when I lost hope is when my mom died. I haven't really seen her a lot before she died.