Our Little Philosophers

Hope - We Are Here - Part 1

August 06, 2021 Great Teacher Steve Season 2 Episode 1
Our Little Philosophers
Hope - We Are Here - Part 1
Show Notes

The "Hope" series is a a result of a partnership with Mission Grammar School in Boston, MA.

Great Teacher Steve leads a series of conversation with Mission Grammar's sixth-grade ELA 2021 class.

This curriculum  engages the scholars  with the question: "What is something or someone that you want to advocate for?". Over five months, they research young advocates around the world while reading fiction and nonfiction books about their topic. As a class, they aim to always Rise Up, and advocate for justice!

This conversation is centered on HOPE.

Let's discover these 11 to 12 years old young inspiring leader's vision on HOPE!

Meet Trey, Gabby, Sophia, Symone, Jaysen, Saraiya, Cemya, Melinah, Noah, Zaria, Anyah, Charli & Jordan.

They are committed to bettering the world.
Featuring Miss G.

Contains excerpt from Great Teacher Steve's "You are the Gift" keynote (2018) - Listen to it.